Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Emmylou's winter skirt.  She chose the pattern and fabric (from left-overs stash).  It's amazing how many things you can make from left overs!

This toilet roll holder was a birthday present for Daughter-in-Law.  I chose the flower seed packets panels as they are very bright and cheerful, and she loves her garden, so it brings a little of that inside the house and brightens up a neutral coloured room.

These 2 carry bags were made using round looms.  I made the darker one first, and when Emmylou saw it she said she'd like one too, so I made the smaller one in colours I knew she'd like.  She was very happy with it.

These are my favourite gloves that I've had for ever.  They had a strip of black fur around the cuff, but it was getting very sad looking, so I removed it and knitted two strips in fluffy wool to replace them.  Certainly brightened them up a lot!

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