Tuesday, October 4, 2011


After leaving Katherine we next made camp at Flora National Park - followed the road right to the far end of the park where it comes to a dead end on the banks of a very wide, deep river - a nice place for lunch before going back to the camp ground and exploring a walk down the valley to see a couple of small waterfalls, nice to look at, but it was very hot and stuffy in amongst the palms with no breeze.

Next day we travelled on to Gregory NP, had a look around the old Bullita homestead and made camp ready to travl the Bullita stock route track the next day.  Two other families were also doing the stock route so we travelled in convoy as a safety measure in case anyone got stuck and needed winching out of somewhere.  We all got through without any problems, but it is a fairly heavy-going 4WD track in places, with no real purpose as the scenery is much the same as (and no better than) everywhere else around that area.  After covering the more difficult patches, the other two vehicles continued on but we decided to take a detour to Drovers Rest campsite for lunch and stayed the night.  Again a nice enough spot, but nothing special. All told, it was a bit disappointing as we'd been told how great it was and a "must not miss".

The next day we took a slow trip around Victoria River & Timber Creek having a good look at lookouts, the old river crossing etc, which we'd wanted to do for a long time as every other time we'd had to rush straight past on our way to somewhere else.

The very last place in NT (only a couple of kilometres from the WA border) is Keep River NP.  We spent two nights here, having a look around and doing a walk into some spectacular country - high rocky walls with lovely green "gardens" in the shadowed areas where they fold around.  Ken also went up to the lookout but I decided that was a bit much for me.

First stop in WA was Lake Argyle where we had a 2-day rest from the dust and heat in the lovely grassy caravan park, and found an entertainer performing there who we'd met in Queensland a couple of years ago.  Her name is Fina, and she does quite a good show, all kinds of music that we like.

After an overnight in Kununurra to get some groceries etc, we set off for Wyndham via the Parry's Lagoon Road.  A couple of nice waterholes and places off on side tracks, and finally the lagoon, with a great bird hide and lots of interesing birds to watch - from little ones that walk around on the lilly pads, and seem to almost walk on the water up to brolgas, and big black and white geese (who's name I can't remember tonight).  At Wyndham we watched the sunset from the spectacular "5 Rivers Lookout" where you can see five rivers flowing into the ocean.



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